Sunday, March 15, 2009

My letter to the editor regarding Identity Theft

Whenever you consider a security problem, two questions to ask are: Who will suffer if security fails to provide protection? And who is responsible for providing security?

If the answer to those two questions aren't the same person, you have a sticky situation because that means the person in charge of security isn't the one that suffers. That leads to a variety of problems related to a lack of motivation in providing security, at least to the level that the person who suffers would like to see it provided.

Sometime a lot of effort (and money) goes into shifting responsibility to avoid having to provide security.

The subject of "Identity Theft" is one that annoys me, because that is one such area where those who should be responsible (banks, credit card companies, etc.) have done a good marketing job to shift the responsibility to you and I.

After seeing an article on medical identity theft in my local paper, I wrote a letter to the editor hoping to raise awareness and understanding of this issue.

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