Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cool way to check for Conflicker

Conflicker is the latest worm infecting Windows-based computers. And while worms aren't really my area of specialty and I wouldn't normally comment on them, a clever person came up with a way to use this to test to see if your computer has a conflicker infection just by visiting a website that I wanted to give kudos to.

If you visit that site you should see a set of images like these below (without the word "SAMPLE"):

If you only see a subset of the images, you might have a problem (see the site for details). The page also gives suggestions for cleaning conflicker from your system.

How does this work? One of the things conflicker does is block the computer it infects from connecting over the network to various anti-virus websites to prevent the computer from installing software that might remove conflicker. The images on the web page are actually loaded from the websites of the security companies and since conflicker will block any connections to those sites, it will block the images from being loaded by your browser and you won't see all of them.

Pretty clever in my opionion and I wanted to pass it on.

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